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Book Baskets

Curated Children's Book Baskets for Local Businesses

Designed for places like restaurants, doctors' offices, and other community businesses, our baskets keep children entertained and engaged, making your space more family-friendly.

By choosing our service, businesses can create a welcoming environment for families, ensuring that children have a delightful experience while the grown-ups have time for themselves. Our handpicked selections cat

Reading Storybook

Screen addiction among children is growing at an alarming rate. As adults - parents, educators or business owners -it is our responsibility to provide tools and spaces to curb this addiction. By encouraging reading and limiting screen time, we can help children develop healthier habits, stimulate their imagination, and enhance their critical thinking.

Providing Book Baskets with appealing and exciting books for children to explore and discover is one way we can help!

How it Works

Initial Consultation

Discuss the business's needs and preferences.

Select appropriate Service Tier.

 Basket Curation

Carefully select books and any additional items.

Delivery and Setup

Deliver and set up the baskets at the business location.

Quarterly Updates *

Refresh the baskets with new books and items every three months.

* Premium accounts have monthly updates.

Why Choose our Book Baskets?

Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Unique, thoughtful service for families

  • Increases customer loyalty and repeat visits

Cost-Effective Packages
  • Affordable pricing tiers to fit your budget

  • Includes additional items like games and fun activities.

Convenience and Time-Saving
  • Hassle-free setup and delivery

  • All-encompassing service

Curated Selection
  • Handpicked, age-appropriate books

  • Regular updates with new titles

Community Engagement
  • Support a local business and community

  • Promote literacy and learning

  • Be part of a screen-free environment for Kids

Social Responsibility
  • By hiring our service, you are contributing to a social cause. We will deliver Book Baskets to pediatric services of public hospitals, such as IPO Lisboa

Service Tiers and pricing are available upon request.

Please get in touch with us.

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