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At Lêleh Land | Books & Creative Hub we believe that encouraging children to write and draw is not only beneficial for their creative development, but also for their cognitive and social skills. By providing them with the means to express themselves in a fun and engaging way, we hope to foster a love of learning and exploration that will last a lifetime.


Most of our services are based on stories, storytelling and books.


Story Time

With Story Time, we aim to provide children with a memorable and enriching experience. Having an author visit their school is a fantastic way to inspire students to read and write. These events breathe life into stories and books, helping to engage even the most reluctant readers. Reading is done dynamically with the intention of interacting with the children and reinforcing the content and messages of the story. 

Additionally, we offer complementary activities designed by a writer and psychologist, aimed at further enhancing children's cognitive and emotional development through literature and storytelling.

Please contact us for a quote.



Film-making encourages children to express their creativity and increase their self-confidence. More than making films, our goal is to promote essential skills such as creativity, imagination, independence, responsibility and teamwork. The main concept is that teamwork is essential when making a film and that each role is no more important than the other.

Teamwork, communication, planning and (self)criticism are some of the skills we intend to develop.

Please contact us for a quote and for more information regarding hosting a film-making club at your school.

Nature exploration

Emotional Support

To help you through life's most challenging moments so that you can reach your full potential, feeling balanced and happy. 


Sessions begin after a first meeting with parents or adult to share concerns and objectives. 

Individual sessions with a clinical psychologist happen in a steady rhythm (usually once or twice a week) decided between both parties on the first meeting. 

  • 30 minute individual sessions for children of all ages

  • 30-45 minute individual sessions for teenagers

  • 45 minutes individual sessions for adults of all ages

Please contact us for prices and availabilities.

Story Consultation

Transform your children's story ideas into captivating narratives with our Story Consultation and Project Outline service. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to develop a detailed project bible, including character descriptions and setting locations, providing a solid foundation for your story. Whether you're creating apps, picture books, games, or any other type of project, our experts can help. While writing assistance is optional, our team can also bring your vision to life with engaging prose and captivating storytelling. Let us help you craft compelling stories that will captivate young readers and leave a lasting impression.

Please get in touch with for more information.

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