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Pile of Books

Our Story

We are the first international children's bookshop in Cascais, Portugal.  We specialize in children's literature and children’s creativity. We focus on promoting language learning and cultural exchange.


We offer a hand-picked selection of books in Portuguese, English, and other languages. 

Our goal is to inspire children to read and learn in a fun and engaging environment. 

Meet The Team


Sofia Caessa Ferreira

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Sofia was born in Lisbon and spent her childhood in Rotterdam, São Paulo, and Cascais. As an adult, she also lived in the United States and Belgium. With a highly international life journey, Sofia worked in film in the USA and, in Brussels, co-founded a cultural organization, taught English, and contributed as a writer for The Bulletin, an English-language magazine, writing the series "Global Couples". In Brussels she also founded "The Little Film Academy", which offered creative writing and film-making courses and workshops to children.

Sofia has also worked in the film industry, in production and writing. Her short film "Should the Wife Confess?" ran the film festival circuit.


Sofia has dedicated her life to working with children: in creative writing and film projects, as an English and theater teacher, and as an author of children's books.

Published titles:

- "Amar a Vida como ela é"  - Memoir published in 2022. 

- "Os Nossos Desejos" - Children's book in partnership with Make-A-Wish Portugal.

- Stories at Contos por Carta.

Now living in Cascais, Sofia is a mother of two boys, her greatest inspiration. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, watching the sea, playing board games, and being in nature.


Teresa de Vasconcellos

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Teresa studied at international schools and lived abroad although she is of Portuguese origin, making her profoundly bilingual and capable of interacting both in spoken and written Portuguese and English. She is a mother and has been a clinical psychologist for over twenty years. With a degree in clinical psychology and a masters in psychosomatics, she has been interested in sleep, biological rhythms, creativity processes, dreams and education. She has helped, through therapeutic processes children, teenagers and adults find self-awareness, self-worth, happiness and fulfillment. She has worked in company and school setting as well as private practice. She often uses creative means to aid individuals in finding their inner purpose and discovering what makes them unique.


As a daughter of a visual artist and a person who explored the performing arts she was exposed to various art forms and means of expression which she integrates in her work as a psychologist, using creativity and creative means to help individuals discover, unlock and manage their emotions; explore their unique perspective on life and how that affects their development and inner growth; learn how to express themselves through various creative means; contribute to the real communication with others and foster acceptance and love for oneself.


She has always been in love with books, devouring them as a child, and sees this project as an opportunity to combine fields of interest as well as reach and help more children, teenagers and adults to read, explore the arts and choose more profound or lighter voyages of self discovery.

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